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Does your child struggle with the pressure to perform well academically? What about socially? Does he or she have the confidence to resist peer pressure and be a leader instead of a follower?

These are all important life lessons that every person has to face at some point. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an activity that could help guide them in the right direction? At Everson’s Karate, we understand the immense pressures that children today are facing. That’s one the biggest motivating factors behind what we do. Our children’s karate programs have been specifically designed to help students gain the important life skills they need to excel in any situation. Whether it’s getting better grades, resisting peer pressure or being confident enough to stand up for what’s right, these programs have been developed with your child in mind.

  • Inability to Focus

    The world our children are growing up in today is filled with hyper-stimulation and distractions which can make it challenging to focus on what’s important, like academics and personal development. Karate teaches kids how to master focus on their instructor, their surroundings and themselves, an important skill that can be carried over into other key areas of their day to day lives.

  • Shyness

    Many children are quiet, subdued and even timid, particularly when it comes to learning new things. In fact, this is how most of our students begin their experience with karate. Over time, however, through expert instruction and a strategically designed program, students naturally begin to overcome their inhibitions, exhibiting inner strength and self-confidence.

  • Perseverance

    Children naturally live in the “now,” which can make it difficult for them to fully commit to and follow through on things. The focus that comes from mastering the art of karate involves identifying, working toward and ultimately achieving long-term goals. As an added bonus, the sense of accomplishment your child will gain will bolster his or her self-confidence and instill a desire to push forward toward bigger, more challenging goals.

  • Lack of Motivation

    Not everyone is motivated from within. For many of us, working toward a personal achievement is something that takes time and effort. Being able to master this at a young age will position your child for better success throughout his or her life. Our karate program is designed to help kids recognize their potential and develop the internal drive necessary to accomplish their goals. They can then apply that inner motivation to other areas of their lives, such as school work, sports and more.

If your child is experiencing any of the challenges listed above, karate could be the ideal solution. Our program has been expertly designed to help children of all ages and abilities to develop the skills they need to overcome the obstacles they’ll face in life and become capable, confident individuals. Our students learn how to harness their inner strengths and work toward real, achievable goals. As a result, they are more focused, driven, self-assured and courageous, both in class as well as in other areas of their lives. Most importantly, they have fun while they’re doing it!

But why us?

At Everson’s Karate, we specialize in helping our students develop the necessary skills to succeed in life. Our program is designed to arm students with the education and information they need to make their own courageous choices and confident decisions. By allowing this type of ownership, children learn to celebrate their personal successes as well as take responsibility and try again when things don’t turn out as planned. As a result, our students are confident, capable and driven. This is what sets us apart and has made us the instructor of choice when it comes to children’s martial arts in Robbinsville, NJ.

  • Give Respect to Get Respect

    At Everson’s Karate, we believe that the only true way to get respect is to give it in return. This “guided respect” philosophy teaches children how they should treat others. By demonstrating to them that their opinions matter and that they are capable of making sound decisions, our students build confidence and self-respect from within. As a result, they learn how to genuinely respect their instructors and fellow classmates (as well as parents, teachers, friends, siblings and anyone else they may encounter in their day to day life). What’s more, this empowerment and inner strength will inspire others.

  • Bring Out the Best in Your Child

    Martial arts classes aren’t meant to change your child into something he or she is not. Instead, they should help draw out your child’s unique disposition and identify his or her natural abilities. Our instructors are experienced at working with each student to enhance their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. Of course, children still need rules, boundaries and limitations, but these are enforced through kind, assertive leadership. Most importantly, we have fun while we’re doing it!

Could your child benefit from more self-confidence? Is he or she turning into a couch potato? Is self-discipline becoming a problem at home, school or in other areas of your kid’s life? If you answered yes to any of these questions, martial arts may be just the solution. Still not completely convinced? Our $29.99 trial offer allows you and your child to experience 3 Karate classes. It even includes a uniform that’s yours to keep, whether you choose to continue lessons or not. So what are you waiting for? Let us show you what a positive, powerful impact learning karate can have for your child.

Kids Karate Success Program ONLY $29.99

3 Kids Karate Classes+ Free Official Uniform

To be sure we are properly serving our students, we only allow a limited number of new students for our trial programs each month. If you think our Martial Arts Classes might be beneficial for your child, we suggest you enroll now. Their is absolutely no obligation to continue after your trial.

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